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BVLOS training

BVLOS Training

The next step for an experienced RPAS Pilot


5 Days

Flight Hours

5 hours

Simulator Hours


What does BVLOS mean?

“beyond visual line-of-sight” 

Means an operation in which the remote pilot cannot maintain direct unaided visual contact with the remotely piloted aircraft to manage its flight and to meet separation and collision avoidance responsibilities visually.


About this Course:

BVLOS Training equips a candidate with the necessary proficiencies to operate an RPAS aircraft in high risk, complex environments.

The course focuses on further distances flying, weather, factors affecting flight and takes a deeper look into system management and regulations.

BVLOS Rating requirements


Be at least 18 years of age


Hold a valid Class 3 medical certificate

Hold a valid Remote Pilot Licence

**No prior accreditation is given in BVLOS Training

End Qualification


BVLOS Rating


Course completion Certificate

Course Offering


The training allows the student to gain the skill to adequately plan and execute BVLOS operations. Scenario based training will aid the candidate in their future operations.


An exam will be written at the end of the theory classes.


The course will run over 5 days, and covers a variety of theoretical and practical subjects, whereby your instructor will guide you through the concepts of BVLOS flying.

Practical Flying

Practical training sessions include actual flying and simulator exercises.

BVLOS Skills Test

Once all training is completed a final skills test will be carried out.

Theoretical Subjects

All classes are held at RPAS Training Academy facilities. The subjects meet the approved SACAA syllabus. 


Air law


CRM & Human Factors

Advanced Meteorology

Navigation & Software

Safety Management Flight Planning & Performance


Airspace, Radio-telephony & No fly Zones

Normal & Non-Normal Operations

Instrument flying SOP’s


Don't take our word for it. Take it from our clients.


Right from the start with contacting and getting a quote from Candice to the brilliant practical training by the instructors the experience have not only been 5 star professional but very pleasant & satisfying. It has been clear to me that the staff at RPAS Training Academy not only takes pride in their work but has an authentic interest in their student/clients. A special thanks to the CFI, Jonothan for all the work and training during the practical training, you are a star.  

 I will highly recommend your training school to anybody in future.

- Anton Stoffberg


Excellent facilities and training staff, I highly recommend RPAS Training Academy for anyone who wants to do their Drone License properly. RPAS Academy also helps new RPL Pilots to understand the industry better and try and find work opportunities.

- Wynand Steyn


The instructors are great and knowledgeable. The new venue is amazing. Overall great experience

- Ryno Swart


RPAS Training Academy is truly the greatest Drone Training school in South Africa! Friendly staff, conveniently located facilities and an interesting course! I am so happy to have my Remote Pilot License and am grateful to have found RPAS Training Academy when I did!

- Katherine Warner


RPAS Training Academy provided me with professional training in a friendly environment. Instructors and material are of very high quality and the focus is on ensuring that the student understands the concepts and knows the work well. Practical training is done in a supportive environment which leads to relatively quick attainment of flight skills. A good and professional academy.

- Louis Watson


RPAS TA really went out of their way to accommodate us, NamPower, to achieve our goal despite extreme time constraints as well as having to plan around rainy weather during the DFE test.

- Karl-Heinz Wagner


I have thoroughly enjoyed my training at RPAS Training Academy. All the staff were great and despite some very trying weather conditions, had a great time learning to fly both Multirotor and Fixed wing drones.

- Peter Van Holthoon


RPAS Training Academy took me from having no drone experience to becoming certified through a well organized program. The training was carried out with compassion and patience. Highly recommend.

- Alasdair Harris


RPAS Training Academy took me from having no drone experience to becoming certified through a well organized program. The training was carried out with compassion and patience. Highly recommend.

- Alasdair Harris


For start to finish, great experience and would recommend this academy to anyone. All personal very helpful! Easy to understand and a simple process.

- Bence


I learned an incredible amount of stuff during my course. Jonathan really helped out on very short notice to help speed up the process a bit. Thank you, Jonathan! Shane was an incredible instructor out on the field. Very patient. Thank you so much for that. It has always been my dream to enter the aviation industry and RPAS training academy has given me the opportunity. I will most definitely be back for further training.

- Ruben Delmage


All the instructors are vere well prepared and professional. They give guidance where needed and go the evxtra mile to ensure that all students all well prepared for final assessment. It was an amazing experience and they have a high standard in terms of time keeping.

- Bruce Ockhuis

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