RPAS Training Training Academy

RPL Part 61 to 101 e-Learning Course

The eLearning course takes place on a Learning Management System, where you can attend the theory at your own pace within 90 days. Every second Friday there will be a virtual meeting with the instructor for questions and answers. Examinations are written at the Drone Ops Building in Kya Sands for all internal theory subjects. Your practical training will take place at the RPAS Training Airfield. An aircraft (drone) will be provided for the duration of your training. The Chief Flight Instructor will assess if you a ready to do your skill test with the DRE (Designated RPAS Examiner).

Remote Pilot Licence (Part 61 to 101) – e-Learning

• RPL Manned to Unmanned eLearning
• RPL Practical (3 Hours Included)
• RPL Exams
• RPL Logbook
• Single Category DFE Skills Test


RPAS Training Training Academy

Optional Extras

The below items are optional extras that you may purchase to assisting you on your training course and cater to each client’s preference.

Please note that an aviation medical is a SACAA requirement to obtain a licence. However, the medical does not have to be done via RPAS Training Academy. You may contact an Aviation doctor yourself. Once you have completed all the paperwork required by the DRE and SACAA, you can take the documentation to the SACAA or alternatively, you can select that RPAS Training Academy handles the paperwork and courier your license to you via the optional extra below.

RPL Part 61 to 101 e-Learning Course

We are excited to present you with the Part 61 to 101 RPL.

The Part 61 to 101 course has been designed for a candidate who already holds a Part 61 Manned Pilot Licence and allocates credits toward their Part 10 Drone Pilot Licence.

Theory Access

90 Days

In-House Examination

1 Day

Practical Flying

3 Hours

Candidates must meet the below criteria

• Must Hold a completed Part 61 Licence.
• Hold a valid Aviation Medical Class 3 or Higher.
• Have obtained a Restricted or General Radiotelephony Certificate.
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Hold a valid Class 3 medical certificate.

Your course will include

• Theoretical Training and Manuals
• Theoretical Examinations
• 3 hours Practical Flight Time

Value-Added Extras

• Simulator Training
• Mock Test Evaluation
• Mock Skills Test with a Designated RPAS Examiner

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